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Senior Account Director

As an Account Director at ob体育靠谱足球下载 my main role is ensuring our clients always receive valuable insight and advice, to be a champion for the work we do, and a voice for the client throughout it’s delivery.
Central to this is a thorough understand client aims and objectives – it is my job to uncover what will help meet these the best, and create a strategy around how best we can help.

What is your professional progression internally or externally? If external, how did it help you arrive at ob体育靠谱足球下载?

Starting out ‘client-side’ I worked in marketing and ultimately as a Business Development Manager for an insurance company, before leaving the bright lights of London for a client services role in a full-service marketing agency.
There I progressed into the Planning & Strategy team, responsible for brand, product and campaign strategies and propositions.
Keen to use my years of experience helping to grow regional, national, and international brands, and develop my knowledge and understanding of digital marketing, I joined ob体育靠谱足球下载.

What is it about Digital Marketing that you find most interesting?

I find the prospect of digital marketing as an untapped source of strategy exciting. I love the precision and detail working with data can provide, and the possibilities that adding this to creative and brand strategies can open.

What do you enjoy most about your role OR What problem are you best at solving for your clients?

I enjoy building relationships with people – internal teams and clients.
My strength is in unpicking a brief and looking beyond the immediate objective to identify the true challenges and opportunities. I want ob体育靠谱足球下载 to be recognised as strategic partners.

What do you like doing when not at work?

Outside of work my time is split between looking after two small children and sleeping! I’ve been thinking about going for a run for 10 months now, so that might be my next big thing…

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