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Marketing Technology & Automation Lead


Experienced at managing large budgets, prior to joining ob体育靠谱足球下载 Danny worked at Hobbyking and was responsible for paid search across all markets. In addition to his digital role he was also responsible for handling UK and EU promotional teams and enjoyed travel opportunities across the UK and Europe, which also opened exciting opportunities for Danny outside of work:

“My most notable non-digital achievement was co-organising Europes first FIA approved drone racing competition in Provence, France.”

Previous to Hobbyking Danny worked for Balloon dog now known as Big Dog in Norwich. As an activity manager he worked with a range of clients such as Mazda, Rightmove, Pret and Aviva.

For his clients, Danny particularly enjoys identifying which channels, search terms or products drive the highest R.O.I and the creation of strategies based on these findings. He also enjoys the challenge of managing small budgets on high-cost terms and developing strategies to achieve client’s goals.

“I enjoy the immediacy of Digital Marketing’s impact on a client’s goals, and how trackable it is.”

When not at work, Danny enjoys travelling, beach walks, The Walking Dead, 3D printing, building and flying radio controlled aircraft.

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