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Senior Developer


I review data tracking and conversion goals on our clients’ websites as well as implement and consult on custom tracking solutions for complex projects. I also work closely with our CRO Specialist to design and build bespoke split tests with a goal of improving online user experience and generating more revenue for our clients.

What is your professional or academic background and how did it help you arrive at ob体育靠谱足球下载?

I’ve worked as full-stack web developer in digital marketing since 2013, but I first started making websites back in 2002 in order to show my Neopet off to the world with his very own dedicated webpage. Unfortunately, I think it’s offline now otherwise I would share the link.

In between, I studied English Literature and Creative Writing for my undergraduate degree, continuing on to my MA in Creative Critical Literature where I got to flex my academic muscles and broaden my research to postmodern narrative in video games.

Now I’m back on the tech path, flexing my coding muscles and troubleshooting sites, supporting ob体育靠谱足球下载’s PPC, CRO and SEO teams.

What is it about Digital Marketing that you find most interesting?

It’s all about the data for me. I like making sure we’re tracking the right goals for our clients and capturing the whole user journey. It’s that data which empowers clients to make the most impactful decisions for their audiences.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

80% of my role is troubleshooting. There’s nothing more satisfying than figuring out a solution to a tricky problem.

What do you like doing when not at work?

I’ve got three small jack russell x chihuahua troublemakers at home, so a lot of my time goes into cuddling those little idiots. In my spare time, I like all sorts of arts and crafts and a good dose of video games (Gameboy, PS4 & PC are my consoles of choice).

I do the cooking at home, so I’ve got a personal goal of at least one vegan meal a week to keep me on my toes.

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