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Social Media Manager


Chris is a social media fanatic.

Having almost a decade of experience, Chris has managed more than 150+ different social media accounts. He has worked with small, medium and large businesses, operating in both business and consumer-facing markets.

He has helped numerous business owners, directors and marketers to become thought leaders within their sector, helping them unlock new opportunities, from appearing on the home page of BBC News, to winning awards and gaining national media coverage.

Chris spends his time at ob体育靠谱足球下载 managing and growing our own social media platforms and hosting our social media video content. As well as this, he creates social-collaboration opportunities for our clients, agency advocates and partners as well as helping ob体育靠谱足球下载eers improve their social media presence.

He’s a massive Norwich city supporter (and doesn’t make any secret about that!) and spends his spare time growing and developing his own personal brand on a football fan channel called Talk Norwich City. On this channel they interview current and former professional footballers such as Wolves number 1 John Ruddy, Southampton’s number 1 Angus Gunn, Cuban superstar Norwich City winger Onel Hernandez, Norwich City Sporting Director Stuart Webber and other big names.

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