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Senior Account Director


As an Account Director, it’s my job to have a holistic view of all the accounts under my belt and ensure that the strategy we are implementing is adhering to the client’s commercial needs whilst aligns with their internal strategies. I support the technical consultants, where needed, in overcoming challenges and I help clients devise short and long term digital strategies to achieve their goals as a business.

Where did you work/study previously and how did it help you arrive at ob体育靠谱足球下载?

I come from a background of automotive event management, but fell in love with digital marketing and helping brands establish themselves online. Transitioning from event management to digital marketing in 2016, I immersed myself in all that is digital and worked for an affiliate marketing agency called Optimise, where I worked on large corporate clients in the finance sector. They conditioned me to look at more than just ‘activities’ in marketing, focusing instead on what the ROI of those activities are and where the biggest ROI can be made. Wanting to branch out into wider digital marketing activities and still focus on ROI for clients, I knew I needed to start conversations with ob体育靠谱足球下载 Partnership. I haven’t looked back since!

What is it about Digital Marketing that you find interesting?

I love that it is such a multifaceted form of marketing, there are so many opportunities at your fingertips to establish and grow your brand. You don’t get this in other forms of traditional marketing – most are very cut and dry with the mediums you can use. With digital, there are literally hundreds of different platforms and hundreds of different approaches you can take to achieve your goals. Having these options when strategizing for a client makes the job super engaging and fulfilling.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Helping clients discover these opportunities and devising strategies to achieve their goals is definitely my favourite part of the role. We deal with brands of all different shapes, sizes and fortes, which means no strategy is the same and no day is the same!

What do you like doing when not at work?

I produce Drum’n’bass music and record vocalists from all different genres of music. It’s a true passion of mine! So you’ll normally find me in my studio when we’re not executing world-class marketing campaigns.

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