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The client: ellaOne (HRA Pharma)
What they do: Morning-after pill

A snapshot


In 2018, we determined that, from data analysis, the ellaOne website had been negatively impacted by the Medic Google Algorithm Update and had not recovered from this before we took them on as a client. This represented a challenge, but one we weren’t afraid to shy away from.

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During Q2 2022, ob体育靠谱足球下载’s focal point for ellaOne was to increase the conversion rate of traffic to the website and therefore, increase the return on investment of our campaigns.

What we did


During Q2 2021, we began to merge the content from ellaOne’s satellite website ‘My Morning After’ into a new section on the ellaOne website called ‘Magazine’. Adding the ‘My Morning After’ content to the website massively increased organic traffic. Although the primary purpose of the Magazine articles is to inform and entertain users, these pages contributed to almost doubling the number of organic transactions being produced by the site.

Paid Media

Focusing on transactions as the sole goal of the website was our plan to increase the conversion rate. The campaigns were originally focusing on consideration goals, as well as conversion goals, meaning the conversion data was muddied and not giving the right signals to the Google algorithms top optimise for sales. By eliminating the engagement goals from the conversions in Google Ads, we were able to feed Google the right data for the smart bidding to work correctly.

The results


From H1 2019 to H1 2022:

  • 91% increase in organic transactions
  • 96% increase in clicks
  • 112% increase in impressions
  • 1361% increase in organic traffic

Paid Media

Since implementing this plan, we have seen the conversion rate for the website more than double from 5% to 11%. This is a superb result and, as intended, focusing on optimising toward the more important action on the website has resulted in a more efficient sales cycle on site and lower cost per transaction for ellaOne.


“The ob体育靠谱足球下载 team are truly passionate about digital marketing and it’s a pleasure to work with them. Their depth of knowledge, understanding of our industry and pro-active strategic thinking have been an integral part to our recent success. Not only are they professional, they’re also great human beings! Highly recommend them.”

Joel Housego

Digital & Ecommerce Activation Manager , HRA UK

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