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Forecast your marketing results and cut your risk.

At ob体育靠谱足球下载, we know that great marketing starts in the spreadsheet. It’s where we see whether strategies are truly viable, how nuanced changes deliver big impact, and how you can turn your investment into profit .

And if we don’t think it’s possible, we’ll tell you from the outset.

You don’t have to guess at growth.


Less Risk

Forecasting based on your business, customers and competitors means you can feel confident about campaigns before they happen.


Informed Investment

By predicting the potential scale of your results, you can make sure your spending makes sense and will deliver a return.

More Experimentation

In the forecasting stage, it’s easier to predict the impact of new ideas – without having to try them in a live environment.


Practical insights, not false promises.

Forecasting only works when it’s specific enough to be useful, but realistic about the myriad of things we can never quite predict. That’s why we never claim to be able to tell the future. Instead, we’ll give you a heads-up of several potential outcomes.

Combining market and customer data with our hands-on experience, we’ll give you a best case, good case, bad case and worst case. So you’ll always know where you stand and where your digital marketing is headed.


A tailored approach.

We’re passionate about the power of great forecasting. But we’re also practical about your budgets and deploying the right tools, at the right time.

If we’re taking over existing campaigns or don’t have the data we need, we won’t waste time telling you what you already know. We’ll simply deploy forecasting where it genuinely turns into useful insights. It’s a tailored approach that gets you what you need, when you need it, without forcing you into a restrictive, unchanging methodology.

Measure everything.

See how understanding your complete sales and marketing funnel maximises campaign profitability.

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