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Matt Meazey

June 9, 2022   SEO

Consumer behaviour is changing and brands are missing out on sales every minute of every day. A joint report by our very own Senior SEO Strategist, Matt Meazey , and Kathryn Taylor , PXM Product Leader from our friends at NielsenIQ Brandbank, gives brands practical SEO advice to attract and delight shoppers on their platforms from as soon as today.  

It’s crucial that brands futureproof and provide the best digital experience for their customers, and SEO plays a major role in achieving this. Grocery ecommerce may be thriving, but many brands could still be missing out on sales because their products are not discoverable to shoppers. Many fail to realise that visibility on search engines isn’t a given; retailers and brands are failing to spot the potential for SEO and, as a result, are missing out on millions of pounds and a chance to surge ahead of the online competition. Some basic SEO techniques can help retailers and brands make a big difference to their bottom line.  

Download the report here to find out more.

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